I want to start weight training,what i have heard is

Patient: I want to start weight training,what i have heard is that you need to take supplements such as whey proteins as they halp in speedy recovery of muscles after workout along with your normal diet. This question comes in mind of any body who starts weight training and no one ever finds a correct answer to it,people blindly follow their trainers advice and usualy face wrong consequences i am hopeful that with your advice many will be able to follow correct path Please advice me what kind of protein supplements i should take?what should be its quantity?any brand that you would suggest?and any other supplement which i need to take along with it for protecting knees preventing its wear and tear

Doctor: HelloWelcome to Ask The Doctor.We don’t recommend any whey protein or any powder, or any supplement for body build ing purposes.It has been seen that they can be harmful. Moreover, you don’t know what is the actual composition of the supplement you are using.I would advise you to go naturally.Increase protein, fruits, egg white, boiled chicken in the diet.These supplements are not advised by any doctor.I hope it helps.Stay Healthy