I want to take pueraria mirificia herbal supplement capsules.

Patient: I want to take pueraria mirificia herbal supplement capsules, will it interfere with my birth control pills in terms of making them less effective?

Doctor: You have not mentioned the specific type of pill that you have been taking. Moreover, the interaction between Pueraria M irifica and birth control is inconclusive and women report different results from taking the two together. Some claim the combination enhances the benefit even more than Pueraria Mirifica alone. Others claim that concomitant use of the two together resulted in an irregular menstrual cycle, and it is unclear whether Pueraria Mirifica lowers the efficacy of the birth control pill. The best advice is to consult your doctor before taking Pueraria Mirifica in combination with birth control especially if sexually active and wanting to avoid pregnancy. Researches in this field are insufficient to conclude on this topic.