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I want too find is it a sign of cancer

Patient: I have regular steaching of one side jaw in my mouth .but do not have any pain whats the reason



Doctor: Hi.Thanks for your query, albeit very short and specific.What I can get from your query is that you want to know the symptoms and signs of cancer .Your history says that you have steaching (?) of one side of the jaw in your mouth, but do not have any pain and you want to know the reason.Dear friend please give me more details:What exactly is your problem?Since when have you got this problem?Please explain the meaning of regular steaching of one side of jaw in mouth- this alone will help me to help you more. Is it not opening ? Or is there a problem in opening the jaw?Do you have habit of chewing tobacco or beetle nut (Supari)?The cause can be submucus fibrosis.Please give the answers to the above questions and please give more details so that I can assist you the most.You may put your thoughts in Marathi/ Hindi if you need to for few explanations. I can understand both the languages very well.Waiting for your reply.Please tell me more and properly.Thank you.



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Patient: yes i chew tobacco and beetel nuts and by jaw steaching it was spelling mistake i mean streaching i think it is due too some of the bones in mouth sincr 2-3 months i have this problem

Patient: what too do sir .i have no patchs in mouth nither red nor mouth
i have no difficulty in swalling also please helpo me what too do and whats the reason for that

Patient: please answer me sir

Doctor: Thanks for your feedback.
I think you are suffering from submucus fibrosis.
This happens in people who chew tobacco and beetle nuts.
The tissues go into fibrosis and hence this problem.
I would advise you the following:
Stop Tobacco and beetle nut completely, the cause has to be removed.
Start taking multivitamins and iron preparations
Avoid too hot and too cold things to eat or drink.
Consult an ENT or Oral surgeon who can examine you to get a proper diagnosis and get you the proper prescription for treatment.

Patient: thank you sir but i will aviod the things you said completely but do i have too worry about the thing i asked u .(about cancer)

Doctor: If there is no ulcer or mass, do not worry.
But please get this confirmed from direct examination by an ENT Surgeon who with the help of an endoscope will tell you more (examination is required) and you also need a prescription as in Maharashtra (Mumbai too) you can not get many medicines without a prescription.


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