I wanted to ask for advice on my 21 year

Patient: I wanted to ask for advice on my 21 year old nephew who is having a few health issues. It started with an UTI and bad bladder infection…Then went to pain in his groin area. Right under his belt buckle, it’s tight feeling and constant. and also in his testicles.And now it’s just off and on. He also has shooting pains up in his stomach on both sides.He has been on 2 different antibiotics for the past 3 weeks and has been to the ER twice.His left testicle had a lump on it but Dr. said it was his epididymis was real swollen and not to worry about it.No ultra sound and no X-rays.He has felt good a total of 3 days for the passed 2 monthsAt dinner tonight with his parents, he described the pain as very horrible. He said it felt the pains in his stomach feels like a knife going into his ribs. And then his groin/bladder area felt super heavy…When he first went to the ER. They put him on ciprofloxin and 9 Advil a day for the swelling.Because there was blood in his urine and then they said he had UTI.A lot of shooting pain in his stomach..But constant tight feeling in his stomach below the belt buckle area as he call it his bladder and groin area.His left side of his hip is in pain but that could be irrelevant. No swelling in legs or feet… Just slight swelling in his testicles.

Doctor: Hello,Thanks for the query,It is evident from the history that her urinary tract infection progressed to an accom panied subsequent contiguous spread to epididymis causing epididymitis which appeared as swollen lump over the testis of left side. He was to be started on antibiotics right away which was started later on as he remained asymptomatic for 3 days as mentioned. The sudden onset pain during dinner was probably due to flare up of infection and a possible torsion of testis of left side and had to be proven otherwise. So an urgent ultrasound of testis and epididymis with doppler study was mandatory to rule out torsion. The antibiotics are to be continued as advised but an ultrasound is mandatory and should be done as soon as possible.Please visit ER asap.Regards