I was at a volleyball match yesterday and

Patient: I was at a volleyball match yesterday and when I went for a ball I slammed into one of my teammates. I hit the side of my head and my right ear. At first my ear hurt very very badly but soon after the pain went away and it sounded like I was underwater. Every sound, especially the sound of yelling or a whistle blowing, I was extremely sensitive to. There was no blood but it kept feeling like it was going to start bleeding. After a while the weird underwater sound began to slowly show up in my left ear. Now, my ears still feel weird and my hearing is a little off, but the underwater sound is gone. There’s almost like a buzzing every once in awhile, especially when I hear a loud sound. It doesn’t hurt anymore so I don’t think I ruptured my ear drum or anything like that but I’m not sure.

Doctor: Thank you for writing to us.It is possible that you have an acute injury to the ear which is causing the buzzing sou nd. Another possibility is that you have a chronic injury. I recommend that you see a Doctor to get treatment.Hope this helps you. All the best.