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I was bit by something I guess and now its

Patient: I was bit by something I guess and now its bruised and spreading I think. Also, I feel nauseous



Symptoms: Feel sick



Doctor: Hello,Thank you for your query at AskTheDoctor.comWhen were you bitten? How far has it spread?I would need to see the area where you have been bitten and also let me know the possibilities – such as insect bite, or something else..Please try to send an image of the same,Regards.

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Patient: Bitten about three hours ago Id say.

Patient: picture of site where I was bitten

Patient: I have no idea why the picture isnt loading

Patient: Hopefully it will load this time.

Doctor: Hello,
Try mailing all the images to the support team directly.

Patient: How? I filled out the form says 10-12 hours. No place to attach picture…

Patient: Can I have a refund. Im just going to go to the ER. This is taking way too long and I cant send the picture.

Doctor: You can just mail to [email protected]
They will mail me immediately.
Also for the time being clean the area with soap and water and if you have Mupirocin ointment, apply some.. You can also clean the area with betadine

Patient: Before and after Benadryl cream

Patient: I sent them to support because the same picture keeps uploading. I don’t know what is up with this site.

Patient: After benadryl cream

Patient: Im also wheezing. But I have allergies and asthma, and anxiety so I don’t know if my anxiety triggered it or if its real…

Doctor: The good thing is it has almost resolved already.
So it is mostly an allergic reaction.
You can keep observing the site, apply betadine locally, and it doesn’t look like it’s anything sinister.
You can keep taking Levocetirizine or Benadryl once daily for 3 days and it will be fine. The inflammation has subsided quite a lot, and that’s a good sign.

Patient: Okay. Thank you. I just wanted to make sure it didn’t look like anything serious. What can bite like that and bruise?

Doctor: It actually could be an ant bite or some kind of insect. Difficult to predict, however, the fact that it has almost subsided, is a good sign. Just keep taking the medicines, and it does not look like anything serious.


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