I was bitten by a dog 30 days ago

Patient: I was bitten by a dog 30 days ago. The owner has not yet provided me with the dogs shot records nor has animal control done anything; I am still waiting after 30 days. I no longer have any symptoms but I am worried I could potentially have Rabies. Could I have Rabies with no symptoms?

Symptoms: I do not currently have any symptoms. However, I had head ache, neck and lower back aching, slight fever and nausea for 2 days several days after I was bitten.

Doctor: Thank you for writing to us.Observe the dog. If the dog did not get any symptoms of rabies or die, then you are safe . It is very difficult to take prophylaxis after 30 days. Also, recommend that you get the dog vaccinated now. Do see a Doctor to check for rabies if you are suspecting it. Infection after the bite can be due to any viral infection. Wishing you the best.Hope this helps you.