I was diagnosed with CLE, my Derm never specified what

Patient: I was diagnosed with CLE, my Derm never specified what type of CLE but my main complaint was the butterfly rash which I know is common in ACLE. Is it safe to treat me with prednisone only when I have flare ups, because I’m really trying to avoid the plaqunil.

I was diagnosed with CLE, m...-1

Doctor: Hello. Welcome to ask the doctor.I understand your concern.I have seen the attached photograph also.Lupus has acute, subacute and chronic forms.Malar rash is characteristically seen in ACLE. But to label lupus as SLE, certain criteria need to be fulfilled which include clinical and laboratory parameters. Clinical symptoms include malar rash, recurrent oral ulcers, photosensitivity, arthritis.Total of eleven parameters are there out of which 4 need to be present to label lupus as SLE.The best treatment modality for lupus is Hydroxychloroquine. During flare ups, oral steroids are advised to control disease activity.Also sun protection is very important by using physical barrier and chemical sunscreen.Oral steroids are started after some Blood tests like Blood sugar, Blood pressure check up.I will advise you to consult your doctor and get prescription before starting any medication.I hope I am able to solve your query.Take care.