I was diagnosed with hypertension established diverticulosis.

Patient: I was diagnosed with hypertension established diverticulosis and diverticulitis was in ER send home with medications , metronidazol, ciprofloxacin, fluconazole. Right now i am weak back and lower abdominal pain. pain is not too bad but uncomfortable

Doctor: Hello, Welcome to ATDYou have mentioned the disease your are facing but haven’t ask any question. A little past and cu rrent history is required to make provisional diagnosis.1) In which age group do you categorize yourself?2) since how many years are you suffering hypertension?3) Any other symptom apart from abdominal pain such as calf pain, thigh pain, lower back ache?4) Since how many days have you been taking medications?5) History of recent loss of weight or passing blood in stools?6) what second opinion/doubt you have in mind related to your disease?The answers to these questions will help in understanding the pathology to better extent and help me to frame correct and clear response to your query.Feel free to discuss and ask relevant questions.Awaiting for your follow up.Regards