I was diagonosed with iron deficiency anaemia

Patient: I was diagonosed with iron deficiency anaemia back in February of 2014 and in January of this year i never got my period and i am not pregnant because i had blood work done and was tested for pregnancy and it was negative i am a little worried. I am on iron pills for it as well. Could it be a possibility?

Doctor: Hello,Thanks for the query.If you have been diagnosed anemic in January then it is likely that you may miss or ge t your menses delayed in this cycle as anemia per se itself is stress factor for the body and can cause hormonal imbalances which can delay the menses. If the pregnancy test is negative then you can actually safely wait for 15 days post missed periods to allow the menses to start or resume naturally. If the menses are further delayed then you may consider a withdrawal bleed with progestins. But it is suggested that you should be placed on progesterone only pills for at least 6 months to avoid any form of bleeding so that your anemia improves. Then you can always leave the contraceptive pill to resume your menses again.You may discuss the option with your Physician and take an informed decision.I hope I have answered your query in detail.Wishing you good health.Regards