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I was forcefully admitted to a hospital by relatives under

Patient: I was forcefully admitted to a hospital by relatives under some circumstances. I was made to undergo a urological procedure, details of which I am not being told. However details are as follows, I have developed retrograde ejaculation since and erection is weak. I do not see any major surgical cuts or stiches in groin area. Please let me know what the procedure could possibly have been for any corrective action.



Doctor: Hi.Thank for your query.Read your history and I was wondering how could one be forcefully admitted and got some proc edures done.I can understand the plight you must be going through but need additional simple information:- Your age please?- When was this done?- Had you some symptoms? Please elaborate.- Please give details of ”circumstances”.- Which Hospital? Which Doctor?- Is there any change in urinary flow?- How do you know whether there is retrograde ejaculation?- Any other information?Please give details about all the questions so that I can assist you better.Awaiting your answers.



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Patient: Age 34
Done three days ago
I was admitted on some other pretext. I cannot divulge further but request you to let me know if you can relate to any such procedure.
Symptoms – Orgasms without semen. Hazzy urine. No major cuts or scars. Admitted for three days and under sedation throughout.

Doctor: Thanks for your partial feedback on which to give an opinion.
Again wondering how it is possible to know the Orgasm without semen just in days post-op.
Well, the cause of orgasm without semen can be due to actually not having ejaculation as you were kept under sedation for three day, the effects of which still wearing off.
Secondly per-urethral handling of the prostate involving the internal sphincter can cause such symptoms.
I hope this answers your query.

Patient: Thank you. Just wanted to know why is such procedure done usually. I had an earlier prostate surgery 9 months back. Also is the condition reversible?

Doctor: …
Prostate surgery at the age of 34?
Can be benign prostatic hyperplasia or cancer or a large cyst.
Since you had prostate surgery 9 months back, you should have discharge papers from the hospital which mentions everything.
No, this conditions may not be reversible.
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