I was having sex with a girl. It was faster and i notice blood in the condom. 

Patient: I was having sex with a girl. It was faster than usual but not crazy. Anyways, I noticed blood in the condom and I bled a little on the sheets. Will this heal on its own or do I need a doctor? It’s been many days but I am not blessing anymore but it feels uncomfortable

Doctor: Hello,Thanks for the query.Bleeding from the penis soon after sex or noticed immediately after withdrawal of peni s from the vagina is not unusual. The penis has a multiple channel of superficial vessels and is rich in vascularity.Friction at sex can lead to superficial trauma and abrasions to these vessels and lead to bleeding. There is no need to worry at all for now as the bleeding has stopped and not happened later. Next time, avoid rigorous intercourse and preferably use a lubricant before penetration.Kindly opine with your treating doctor as well on this advice.Hope this helps.Regards

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Patient: Okay. I also find myself needing to go pee more often because it feels a bit wierd.

Doctor: Hello,
This could be due a mild infection or inflammation due to trauma or friction. It will take a week to settle. In case it does not, you will have to see a doctor for an examination and medications accordingly.