I was hit in the face Saturday night I’ve

Patient: I was hit in the face Saturday night. I’ve had a headache ever since and my left eye is bruised. I don’t know if I should ignore the headache till the bruising goes away or if I should go see a doctor.

Doctor: Thank you for writing to ATD.Because a Black eye can be something serious, I will keep the answer short so you can g et help quickly if needed. A black eye occurs when you have blood accumulating around the eye after an injury to the face. In most cases, this is not serious but in some cases, there is a chance of a skull injury or an eye injury.If a black eye is causing any of these symptoms, please go to an ER immediately:Loss of consciousnessBlurring of visionLoss of sightPersistent headache or migraineBlood from noseDamage to the eyeNot able to move the eyeSince you have a migraine/headache for almost 2 days, I recommend that you see a Doctor just to be on the safe side. The Doctor may order a CT or MRI to rule out any internal injuries. If everything is normal, you will be discharged and you can ice the area to promote healing.Ibuprofen may help with the pain and reduce the swelling as well.Wishing you a quick recovery. All the best.