I was hospitalized last march 23 till 26 coz of

Patient: I was hospitalized last march 23 till 26 coz of high blood pressure.and i been 200/180.,the doctor treat me with losartan 100mg which will be taken in the morning and amlodipine 10mg which will be taken 6pm and lastly simvastatin 20mg before going to sleep..ive felt good but when april 3 comes i felt my blood pressure go high again same as the last time happened on march and until i felt some chest pain and most of the time i cant get enough sleep..coz its so hard for me to find sleep.everytime i dont get enough sleep my heart is palpitating..pls help me…bythe way im a call center agent and i have a graveyard shift..i will appreciate your help ..

Doctor: Hello,Thanks for your question on “Ask The Doctor”.I understand your situation and concern about your healthIt is but natural to feel heaviness and pain in chest in person having high BP and Lack of sleep.We should be concerned about how much high BP and lack of sleep has affected your body.Lack of sleep is a major concern as it gives rise to high blood pressure.A normal person must have 6 to 8 hours of sound sleep. If you are not able to sleep then take medical help.Please consult your doctor immediately.It also appears that high BP has affected your heart and your complete cardiac evaluation is necessary.Please do not stop medicines by your own.You may require taking treatment for longer period, but you will definitely improve.Your problem is curable.You have to trust your doctor and follow its advice.Wish you a good health!