I was in a car accident on Wednesday afternoon I

Patient: I was in a car accident on Wednesday afternoon. I was knocked unconscious and has a grade 3 concussion. Today I am still having episodes of dizziness and light headedness. Infrequently, I am have short periods of confusion. I still don’t remember the accident and remember events hours before the accidebt feels like remembering a dream. Is this normal or should I go back to the hospital? Thank you.

Symptoms: Light headedness, forgetfulness, confusion

Doctor: Hi.History of car accidents with signs and symptoms of head injury noted. The history of grade 3 concussion, dizzine ss, light headedness, confusion, not remembering hte events is all due to head injury, hence you should report back to hospital for clinical evaluation, thorough examination and investigations of MRI and remain in the hospital till you become normal.You Doctor will also consider your taking Adderall and oxycodone into consideration.Hope this helps you