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I was in the bahamas swimming in the ocean and

Patient: I was in the bahamas swimming in the ocean and pools and got what looked like little bites on my legs. They were small round flat red spots. They weren’t really itchy. Two days later I went into the pool again, used lotions and oils etc on my skin. Now my leg is all red, almost purple red, splotchy rash. It doesn’t really itch still but it went from small round bites to one big rash. What could it be? Could it be bites from something that got irritated?



Doctor: Thank you for writings to us.Here are the possible causes of the rash:AllergyAnimal/insect biteInfectionPois on/venomThere could be a few other causes which I can find out if I have more points of history. Here is what you can do. Start by taking tablet Levocetirizine to help you if it is an allergic reaction. If it is an insect bite or infection, see a Doctor to get the area cleaned by antibiotics.Some animals may contain poison or venom which is dangerous. The rash, in venom, can small as small and discrete, as the venom spreads, the rash can become bigger.If the above do not work even after 3 days, please see a Doctor. He will examine the wound and reach a conclusion. It is possible that you may need a biopsy or other skin exams to reach the diagnosis.Hope this helps you. All the best.



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Patient: The rash has not spread at all, doesn’t really itch and doesn’t hurt so could it still be vemon?

Patient: Also last summer at the beach in Maryland I had a similar yet more mild experience. I had the flat red dots like bites but they stayed red dots for about 10 days before completely going away. This time they were just the dots for 2 days until I went into the pool and put tanning oil on my legs. Were you able to see the uploaded picture?

Doctor: No, I was not able to see the uploaded picture. Do email the picture and I will take a look. You may want to get a biopsy of the rash to help diagnose it.
Have you tried taking Levocetirizine and has it helped you?


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