I was just diagnosed with Biliary Dyskinesia and my gallbladder

Patient: I was just diagnosed with Biliary Dyskinesia and my gallbladder has an ejection rate of 6%. I have no stones though. I’ve had stomach aches for about 8 months. Every month or two I get a really bad stomach ache but almost every day I have a mild stomach. The thing is, my stomach hurts all over and not specifically where my gallbladder is. Also, when I get an extremely bad stomach ache I get diarrhea. This, and the fact that I’m only 20 years old and very healthy, makes my doctor think I have IBS and my pain isn’t from my gallbladder. He said I can live with a dysfunctional gallbladder without it being a problem. I trust him but this seems strange. I’m going to be tested for IBS in a few weeks and if I don’t have it the surgeon and I will meet again and talk about what we should do. Im concerned though. Is it really safe to live with my gallbladder like this? Can my gallbladder be causing my pain even if I don’t have all the symptoms? I’m just very confused and I want the stomach aches to stop. Thanks.

Doctor: HiThanks for your query.Read and understood the details you have given. You are just 20. It is too early to have so much of problems.Biliary dyskinesia is very difficult to diagnose.IBS is necessarily a clinical diagnosis where all the tests will be normal.You can start taking foods in small frequent ways. This will drain the gallbladder frequently.See if cheese and oily food increase your pains.Have Second Opinion of another Gastroenterologist to start afresh.In the meantime stop all foods, beverages and activities that increase your problems. I hope this answer helps you.Hope this helps you.