I was just released from Hamet Hospital friday from dehydrat

Patient: I was just released from Hamet Hospital friday from dehydration. They tested my blood and it came out normal. Then I had realized that I may had taken too much depakote. I had looked online for the symptoms it can cause and I’m confused because there’s a lot of things that can cause dehydration. I had called Stairways behavioral health and the nurse implied psychosomatic dysphoria. My question is what can cause someone to feel like their dying. It feels like I’m falling into a coma or to the afterlife. I don’t deny that I’m paranoid and anxiety but the feelings are real. Please help so I can relax. It seems that no one is giving me a direct answer. Thanx, yours truly Charles

Doctor: Hello,Thank you for your medical query at AskTheDoctor.comI understand your concern.Electrolyte disorders where the sodium and potassium levels get very low, can cause a dying like feeling besides severe anemia, which does not seem likely in your case.You can get your RFT with serum electrolytes evaluated.Hope this was helpful,Regards.