I was on depo for over a year I came

Patient: I was on depo for over a year. I came off in March. I immediately started back with periods as normal. My lmp was 4-18-15. I’m now almost 12 days late. I’ve taken both urine and serum tests, all negative. The last being negative last friday. However, I just feel something is not right. I’ve had a daily headache, more frequent bathroom breaks, emotional outbursts, small amount of cramps, smell issues, and my lower stomach just feels tender. I’m a nurse and I feel like I’m driving my doctors nuts. Am I crazy…or could those be false negatives? I’ve had 3 kids. So I know pregnant. And I just feel very off.




Doctor: Hi,Thanks for the query.I understand your concern.Though you got withdrawal bleeding after stopping depo, som etimes it may take some time for regularization of next cycles.As abdominal cramps, emotional changes etc can be seen in premenstrual phase also, better to wait for one more week and possibly you may get periods by that time.If you do not get periods even after one week, please go for ultrasound once, which will help in finding out the possibility of pregnancy and in the absence of pregnancy it can make out the possible cause of delayed periods. Then according to that further management can be planned.Take care

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