I was playing beach soccer, and my big toe popped

Patient: I was playing beach soccer, and my big toe popped out of the socket. I rested for a month, then I slowly started running again over the course of two weeks. I then tried to play soccer again (with shoes on), and towards the end of the game I made a cut and it popped again. It is incredibly painful, and my big toe joint is all purple and blue now. I saw an orthopedic foot doctor after the original injury, and it was not broken, he saw me for about 5 min and said that I would need to come back in. Well I got a bill for $400 and cancelled my follow up appointment. I was hoping for some advice, if I should try toe strengthening exercises, or if I should bite the bullet and go back to the money Dr.

Symptoms: Toe pain when walking. Some loose feeling movement in the joint.

Doctor: HiHope this message finds u in good health.I have gone through ur msg and understand your concern.it seems that during the first injury you might have injured your ligaments in the toe joint.You mentioned that you rested for 1 month.. Was it rest in a plaster immobilisation splint or it was just a casual rest. Do let me know.If you had not been put on plaster that time,then the ligaments wont heal properly and then you will get recurrent injuries like this due to weak ligaments.I would like to see a recent xray of yours, if you can upload.At this stage, if there is no fracture, you can start on toe strenghthening exercises.If its broken ,or has a fresh ligament injury, you need to apply plaster for 3 weeks and then start the exercisesAn MRI of the joint will help to see the extent of ligament injuryGet back to me for any FOLLOW UP QUERIES anytime.Regards,Dr Mahaveer Patil…(MBBS,MS,Mch)