I was pregnant, but than i think i miscarried

Patient: I thought I was 5 weeks 3 days pregnant… But a couple days ago when I went Pee this thing about the size of a Pea or smaller came outa me, kinda looked like an egg, white outside, yellowish inside . And some other white stuff along with it.. And I was told u can miscary without blood n stuff at that time… But it’s been a couple days and pregnancy symptoms are going away and I’m starting to get cramps… I’m really worried

Symptoms: Cramp like pains, pregnancy feelings are gone, weird thing came outa me

Doctor: Thank you for your query.Generally whatever you have described is not the way women abort or miscarry. In your case it is advisable that you see the gynecologist who can do a transvaginal ultrasound scan to see if everything is ok with the pregnancy or has the uterus been emptied of the pregnancy, doctor may be able to see a small gestational sac corresponding to the early pregnancy. The doctor can also suggest hormonal analysis & supplement the same in case they are deficient to save the pregnancy incase it is still viable. Blood test for βhCG at frequent intervals will also let us know how the pregnancy is progressing. During this stage there generally doubling of the βhCG levels every 24 to 48hrs.Hope that answers your queries. Have a good day.