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I was really sick with a stomach bug last week,

Patient: I was really sick with a stomach bug last week, it really effected my bowels to put it nicely. So much so my butt hole actually hurt, I was using vassilen to help that. I figured it would go away but here I am a week later and it still uncomfortable, today I looked closer and there was a little bump back there and it’s skin colored.. I can’t tell if it’s swollen or something else is going on. What should I do? What could this be? I’ve never experienced this before



Doctor: Hi,Thanks for your query and an elucidate history. Noted the history well and understood the concerns.My thought s and advise:- Due to stomach bug last week, you developed a condition called fissure-in-ano with a skin tag also called as a sentinel pile, the small skin colored bump you explained.The discomfort is due to inflammation thus caused.- The Advise:Sitz bath in a tub with warm water.A course of an antibiotic and metronidazole to control the infection as there are symptoms present.An anti-inflammatory medication like Ibuprofen if it suits you to control the swelling and discomfort.Probiotics and multivitaminsSince the history is of short duration, the above measures should help you to get the complete relief.You have to consult your Doctor to get clinical evaluation, examination, investigations of blood, stool and urine and give you the prescription as some medications need a valid prescription.All the best for proper treatment and complete cure.



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Patient: Can I get an antibiotic and metronidazole at the store or do I need a doctor for that? If I can go to the store, anything in particular I should buy? Also how long until you think I’ll be okay again if I follow all your advise?

Doctor: For these you need a prescription from your Doctor.
Nothing special to buy from medical store.
You may be OK within 5 days if everything goes as planned.
So, please carry on as advised.above…


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