I was recently diagnosed with chronic hives

Patient: I was recently diagnosed with chronic hives. After lots of steroids I am now taking Allegra twice a day. I now have a nasty cold and don’t know if/what Orc meds I could take with such a high dose of Allegra. I also take synthroid and advair for my hypothyroidism and asthma. TY!

Doctor: Hello,Thanks for the query.Since you are already on Allegra twice a day and Advair which is fluticasone, a steroid preparation, there is nothing much to be taken as over the counter apart from this for the cold that you have developed. You can try steam inhalations with eucalyptus old in it and do warm saline gargles daily 3 times a day. It could be due to allergy developed from constant exposure to the allergen. Try to find out the specific cause for it by a dermal allergen test and keep away from the allergen and prevent repeated exposure to the same. If things do not improve, you will have to see a doctor for an antibiotic regimen.Hope this helped.Regards