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I was recently diagnosed with type two diabetes I started

Patient: I was recently diagnosed with type two diabetes. I started taking Metformin 500 mg twice a day four days ago. I have checked by blood sugar twice a day and results are fro 200-300. When will I start to see results from Metformin and when should medication be adjusted?



Doctor: Hello.Welcome to Ask The Doctor. We are here for your help.Maximum effect of any diabetic medicine is seen after a week or two.However the response varies from person to person and depends on blood sugar levels.The range of your blood sugar is very unlikely yo get controlled with Metformin 500 mg twice daily.I would recommend in such case higher doses of Metformin that is up to 2 grams per day and strict Diabetic diet and regular exercises.Please share my opinion with your doctor.If you have any further query, please ask me.



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Patient: Thank you. Should be physician increase my dose to 850 after a week or to 1000?

Doctor: If i was your treating doctor, i would have increase it to 1000mg. Good luck

Patient: Metformin is giving me diarrhea. I started taking Imodium. Is that ok?

Doctor: Hi, Metformin causes diarrhea in initial days only. You should avoid Immodium as far as possible. In case you have excessive diarrhea then only take it.
Take Metformin along with food to reduce diarrhea episodes.


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