I was recommended lignocaine hydrochloride gel

Patient: I was recommended lignocaine hydrochloride gel to treat tight foreskin… Let me know if its correct..What is best way to treat tight foreskin.. How to determine if circumcision is the best option as my foreskin is not very tight.. I can roll it back when flacid but can’t roll it completely back when erect..

Doctor: Hello,Thank you for your query at AskTheDoctor.comI understand your concern.If the foreskin has always been tigh t, then circumcision is the best option. Sometimes repeated infections due to poor local hygiene or smegma accumulation can lead to tightening of the foreskin. This can be corrected by using antibiotic ointments and using lubrication while retracting the foreskin back.Lignocaine has been advised so that you can use the ointment, and then try retracting your foreskin. This will ensure there is very little discomfort.However, I suggest you discuss with your surgeon and get the circumcision done as it is a very healthy process and completely negates chances of penile carcinoma in the future, also reducing the chances of local infections.Hope this was helpful.Regards.