I was stung by a yellow jacket yesterday The sting

Patient: I was stung by a yellow jacket yesterday. The sting site remained relatively small with burning and itching. Within a couple hours i had extreme nausea no vomiting, and a bad headache. The nausea and headache and weak feeling remain today. I took claritin d yesterday after the sting and benadryl last night. should these symptoms still be bothering me almost 24hrs after the sting. Iv never had an allergic reaction to stings in the past

Doctor: Thank you for writing to us.Usually a reaction to a sting does not last more than a few hours. But, this depends on the severity of the reaction. Since you say that you have had many stings before, you may have become sensitized to the yellow jacket. The yellow jacket will cause an allergy to the area and allergy systemically.I recommend that you see a Doctor to help you. He will assess to see if your hemodynamics are ok. And also, to see that the other parameters are ok.Hope this helps you. All the best.