I was supposed to start my period a couple of

Patient: I was supposed to start my period a couple of days ago. But it has yet to start. I took a pregnancy test, it was negative.the last few days I’ve been overheating…its turning into a pretty decent fever. It comes with nausea, kills my appetite, gas, headache, aching bones, and weakness. I can barely stand 5 minutes without feeling like I’m going to collapse.I still have cramps and backache as if my period has started.my greatest accomplishment since feeling sick has been going grocery shopping this morning. And I had to lean on the cart.I started taking a fever reducer today, have been using a ice pack to bring down my temp, and resting a lot. I normally drink a lot of water. I’m a healthy 24 yr old. I haven’t been sick with anything for a while.I’ve noticed my temp has been a little higher than normal in the last month, but I thought it may be just stress. It’s a long story. I didn’t notice a drastic change until after I went drinking on Tuesday night.I’m normally sensitive to alcohol, but I don’t ever drink enough to get sick anymore.I think that’s everything.Please help with any advice if you can.I am beyond broke, with no health insurance, and just climbing out of a hell of a situation.Thank you.