I was told I have someone pregnant. I never ejaculated semen.

Patient: I was told I have someone pregnant. I never ejaculated semen. We had unprotected sex 3 times. First being roughly 2 weeks ago, October 24. Monday November 2 she told me she tested positive for being pregnant. She started birth control Wednesday October 28. Could that be giving a false positive? Her period is supposed to start tomorrow November 5. What should I be thinking in your professional opinion? She had horrible cramps in her stomach yesterday, November 3. She was sexually active before me as well.

Doctor: Hello,thanks for the query to ATD for an opinion,If the first sex you had on OCTOBER 24TH and she should be exp ecting her menses by 5th November, then her last menstrual period would have been around 4/5 th october. And now if she says that the pregnancy test is positive , then it is not possible that she got pregnant is this cycle as urine pregnancy test would not come positive until 7 days post missed period.There is a possibility that she may be positive because of conception from the intercourse in the previous cycle. However the best way to confirm or rule out pregnancy at present would be to get a serum beta hcg test which if positive would be conclusive.I hope i have answered your query,Regards

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Patient: Is that a blood test? She did that Monday November 2 and it was positive. The doctor said it was low levels of hcg.

Doctor: If she did a beta hcg test , yes it is a blood test, and if that is positive ( 8 days post intercourse), then she is pregnant. Ideally any hcg levels more than 5ng/dl confirms pregnancy and in this light , there are all chances that is pregnant with your child.

Patient: So it is possible that she would be testing positive even on the urine test at this point? Without missing a period yet and everything?

Doctor: No thats what i said urine test comes positive only after 8 days post missed period when the hcg levels increase to about 1500IU. Prior to that it may give false positive result But beta hcg test is conclusive 7 days post last intercourse.

Patient: With everything I’ve told you do you think she is carrying my child? I’m sorry, this situation just has me so worried. I didn’t even ejaculate in her.

Doctor: If she is already pregnant with a urine pregnancy test before her menses, then considering that you haven’t ejaculated within her, it is unlikely that she is pregnant with your child The best guide would be to get an ultrasound pelvis done and check the gestational age which would help in correlating date of cupulation with dat of fertilisation and then things can be clearer.