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I went for a sexual health screening a couple of months ago.

Patient: I went for a sexual health screening a couple of months ago, the doctor said I had a tiny case of thrush and also chlamydia. I took the single dose of antibiotics for chlamydia and started using the miconazole nitrate/hydrocortisone 2%/1% cream as directed. I started feeling funny about using this cream on my penis and found some horror stories online of people having damage from using it and ceased. Currently, my penis is red and itchy and I have some itchyness in my prostate and tingling sensations in the testicles. I also feel like I may be getting cold/flu like symptoms. I have little money and my town’s health services are limited. Who should I call and how urgent is this?



Symptoms: Itchy/burning sensation on penis, prostate location regular tingling sensation in testicles, general discomfort in genital region



Doctor: Hello,Thank you for your query at AskTheDoctor.comI understand your concern.The redness in penis could be because of chlamydia which still hasn’t resolved. Do you have any problems in urination?Thrush doesn’t cause such symptoms.Anyway you don’t worry about using the medicine. You have been prescribed correct medicine and it will reduce the rash slowly.There will be a lot of such stories, please ignore.The tingling in the prostate can also be ascribed to chlamydia. It is better if you can talk to your PCP about it, who can extend your antibiotic usage.If possible try to send an image of the rash.Regards.

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Patient: I actually can’t find any redness at the moment, I have been treating it with salt water and coconut oil for a number of days and it seems to have gone for now. I have pain urinating and ejaculating at the moment. My symptoms of chlamydia were fully gone up until I received unprotected oral sex a couple of weeks ago. Is it possible that I contracted it again in this experience? I know the girl is currently very sexually active with many partners

Patient: She told me she had been screened in the last 6 months, but she was unaware of the process of testing for oral chlamydia, which came up in conversation.

Doctor: In that case you need to be screened again. Please get a through STI screening and please don’t apply any coconut oil. It is not required.


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