I went on a road trip about 7 months ago

Patient: I went on a road trip about 7 months ago and the jeans i had on were a bit snug..long story shot the button irritated a few hair folicles and actually infected a cluster of 3 folicles…i cannot seem to get these to go away. Ive used healing oitment, shower regularly, have badgade it for a week and still no results…if i squeeze the clusyer minimal puss comes out but puss is present..whats the best way to clear this up?

Doctor: Hi.I have read and understood the problem of cluster of 3 follicles which is persistent for about 7 months.You hav e tried everything possible and there is pus on squeezing.This indicates that the there is infected cyst formations which is not allowing it to heal. This happens in this area due to the following reasons:Chronic irritation due to overlying clothingPosition in the fat so that the spread of the cyst is easy and without hindrance.It is possible that you may need excision of the local cysts in toto and have a stitch.Hope this helps.