I went to a concert on the 7th i thought

Patient: I went to a concert on the 7th i thought i was sore because of the concert about 3 days ago i started feeling extremely exhausted with a sore throught and a headache and abnomin seems swollen when i press on it its tender and it hurts all over. I do not have a fever and i have not thrown up. I jave however had a couple dizzy spells. I amost fell asleep at a red light today and i alsoam couphing up green and yellow mucus the first day there was blood in it there is no longer any blood. Please give me a little insight on what it may be. Also i did not kiss or share food with anyone from the concert.

Doctor: Thank you for writing to us.I think that you have a simple viral infection because of attending the concert. Here is what you can do to help you with the infection:Drink lots of waterEat a lot of fruits and vegetablesAvoid eating spicy and oily foodsTake tablet Paracetamol for the feverTake cough syrup Ascoril 10 ml twice a dayHope this helps you. All the best.