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I went to rio dejaniero on july 30 to see

Patient: I went to rio dejaniero on july 30 to see my girlfriend. we got intimate the same day. next day at nightime i felt i had pain in my throat and was having cold sweats (i dont think i had temperature). next day i woke up and observed small white blisters and ulcerations on uvula and soft palate bilaterally. the mid dorsal section of my tongue was burgundy red without “hairy stuff” on that section. . i could barelly swallow. throat pain tapered down in two days. after additional three days. the blisters and ulceration appeared again with throat pain and difficulty swallowing.



Doctor: Hello,Thanks for the query.From the description you have furnished, it looks like it could be a viral infection. Generally viral infection like herpes, infectious mononucleosis, etc can get transferred with saliva as a route and cause blisters which can re-appear after few days. This does not mean you have an STD, however the chances of getting on exists. It is ideal to get this checked by a doctor personally and start anti vitals.Hope this helps.Regards



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Patient: i thought there are no antiviral meds. what should i take? what are the chances of reoccuring or transmitting to others. i notices my gf had coldsore on her vermillion border but i was shy to inquire more.

Doctor: Hello
There are antivirals.available. They reduce the flare ups and.intensity of sores. Contact.your doctor for a prescription


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