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I were diagnosed with Motor neuron desease in April 2015

Patient: I were diagnosed with Motor neuron desease in April 2015. About two weeks before that I lost my taste for food completely.



Symptoms: Any meat, fish or chicken tastes very salty. If I lick over my lips at any stage it also tastes very salty. At this stage I can only take in milk, maise meal water and eggs. Since this week Eggs is also starting to effect me. I am loosing Weight around 1kg every 2 weeks.



Doctor: Hi.Read and understood your complaints of change of taste sensation to salty as you have described in the section of symptoms.Tongue taste sensations are conveyed by 3 different nerves, branch of facial glossopharyngeal and vagus.These being mixed nerves may be affected in the process of motor neurone disease.Losing weight at a rate you have written may have a reason which needs to be evaluated.It is better to re-evaluate bladder cancer.I hope this answer helps you. Please give further feedback so that we can discuss further…

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Patient: Bladder cancer was re-evaluated in April. I am clean.(scope) Neurologist says taste are never effected by MND. I must take in food. What can I do!

Patient: The answer I got is known. The answer I need is is there help or none and if there is help please advise me

Doctor: Just wanted to know which therapies have you received for bladder cancer? Have you received Chemo/Radiotherapy also. Give the details about this and also about MND. how did it start and its progression and present condition.
There are references that the treatment for bladder cancer can alter the taste and cause changes in the weight.
If this is so, the probable help is done by the following:
Take small frequent meals.
Take help of the dietitian who knows better to direct you to overcome this problem.
Please give details so that we can discuss further.

Patient: I did not recieve Chemo/Radiotherapy. As said in my previous reply. Cancer was superficial and recieved 32 instalments of BCG.
MND started in May 2014. Was completely tested in Sept 2014 , With MR and CT scan and a lumber punch. Also the needle test was done. Al blood tests were negative as well as scans. CT scan showed small white spots in brain and the white fluid was also in my spinal cord. In April I was finally diagnosed with max 12 months to live. The cause of my weight loss is primary due to loss of musle.
I cant walk any more. Have diffivculty in standing up. My speach is affected. I am starting to hve breathing problems. At this stage I do not have difficulty in swallowing and eating. I get tired very easily and cramps often. Nothing wrong with my thinking.

Patient: I am seeing know that my comment on Bladder cancer did not go through. Sorry

Doctor: I am so sorry to know the condition you are in.
I would suggest you to try Shiatsu- an acupressure / acupuncture. It may help you a lot.


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