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I will be 26 next month and im pretty healthy

Patient: I will be 26 next month and im pretty healthy. I do get migraines a few times a month. Last night I had pressure all throughout my right arm. It felt like a blood pressure cuff or a tourniquet was on. About an hour later I woke up to a migraine and felt very nauseous and sort of “out of it”. Is the arm pressure normal with migraines?


Symptoms: Migraines, arm pressure

Doctor: Thank you for writing to usI think you have a migraine. A migraine is a recurrent type of headache that occurs frequ ently. It occurs because of dilatation of the blood vessels in the head. These are the external blood vessels of the head and there dilatation causes a lot of pain. Usually, there are many causes of getting migraines. The migraines usually occur due to some trigger factor. The trigger factors can be anything under the sun including the sun. Here are a few of the trigger factors:SunlightLoud musicFeverCold foodAnd so on…One of the ways to stop the migraines is to avoid the trigger factors. Here are some ways that you can help with the headache:- Take Paracetamol 2 times a day to help you with the pain- Inhale steam mixed with Vicks to help you- Drink lots of water- Take multivitamin tablets to help you with better healingIf the pain does not go away after 3 to 5 days, you need to see a Doctor to get help for this. Your Doctor will give you stronger medications which will help prevent headaches and also help you recover from them.


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