I woke up in pain a half week ago

Patient: I woke up in pain week half ago, I had an erection while sleeping i am not sure what occurred while sleeping but the pain was unbearable its on top of shaft it hurt for approximately 1 week now its sore and there is a couple of knots at base of shaft on top like muscles are knotted up. It goes as far as i can feel inward even going down where it bending in body.

Doctor: Hi.Welcome to ATD.Like in any other part of the body, pain in the penis can be the result of many things, includin g infection, trauma, or disease. Excessive manipulation can sometimes lead to pain, as can simple things such as insect bites or pimples. At the same time, painful lesions or sores on the penis may be genital herpes or another infection. Additionally, prostate inflammation, urethritis (an infection of the urinary tube frequently caused by gonorrhea or chlamydia), and sometimes sickle cell anemia can also cause penis pain. A condition known as Peyronie’s disease results in an abnormal bend in the penis that makes intercourse painful for a man. In rare instances, pain can be a sign of penile cancer, so always check with your doctor if discomfort is significant and does not subside within a few days.Uncircumcised men sometimes develop a painful condition called phimosis. This means the foreskin cannot be fully retracted. This condition sometimes requires corrective surgery, he says. Older men are considerably more likely to develop phimosis as well. Uncircumcised men are more likely to develop hard lesions on the penis. Improved hygiene usually clears up this problem. However, a doctor should evaluate the condition to rule out penile cancer.Hope this helps. All the best.