I work in construction and experiencing chronic shoulder pains.

Patient: For the last 6 or 8 months I have a really deep pain on my right shoulder first but now on boths and in the morning my hands hurts too can hardly make a fist,I work in construction but don’t remember hurting myself,I am taking Advil(400mg) every 6 hours and that help me(it doesn’t take all the pain away),I am 23 years and at the moment have no insurance what can I do to improve my situation? thanks

Doctor: Shoulder pain is a common complaint in your profession. The most probable cause of your shoulder pain could be due to te ndinitis or shoulder impingement. As in your profession a lot of times you are raising your arm to shoulder height, this causes the acromion to rub against the tendon causing inflammation.Treatment includes medication like NSAIDS and rest, application of ice pack to the affected shoulder, light stretching, physical exercises and corticosteroid injection to the joint if the pain is severe. If the symptoms do not resolve, you may need to visit your doctor for an x-ray of the shoulder joint, MRI and physical examination to investigate the cause of the pain.