I work in the oil and gas and industry and

Patient : I work in the oil and gas and industry and I travel a lot. The nature of my job doesn't allow for a schedule so I am rarely able to make scheduled appointments. My problem is low testosterone. I no longer have a doctor to see about this.  My first question is, how or what is the best way to find a doctor that would work with me and my nonexistent schedule? Is there a website or a forum you could recommend? Medically, my problem is low testosterone. A little background. I have made a lot of bad decisions in my 33 years.  I played college football and at that young age used a couple cycles of AAS without proper PCT. Not sure that matters when one uses so young. I got out of football because of an injury that led to a pain pill addiction. I have been taking suboxone for the last 4 years. When I was 31 I had blood work done and I did have low testosterone. I was not forth right with my doctor or the endocrinologist she sent me to. She wanted to run all kinds of tests to find out why my testosterone was low. Needless to say I stopped going to both doctors because I knew why it was low. Now that I'm willing to be truthful with a doctor and get help I can't find a doctor that will work with me and my enormous scheduling problem. I have many of the symptoms of low T but the biggest problem is lack of energy and zero sex drive. Can a doctor on here help me? I know of first step is getting blood work done again. I have insurance which will cover blood work if it's ordered by a doctor What options do I have? Any recommendations or thoughts on a course of treatment or to help find a flexible doctor would be greatly appreciated.
Symptoms:  Erectile dysfunction, irritability, no sex drive, feeling lazy
Doctor :   Hi. Thanks for your query. Read and understood the history. To recapitulate: You have noted symptoms of Erectile d ysfunction, irritability, no sex drive, feeling lazy - male/33 - no schedule - low testosterone - *The first question is, how or what is the best way to find a doctor that would work with me and my nonexistent schedule? Used a couple cycles of AAS (Anabolic androgenic steroid) without proper PCT (Post cycle therapy) during college days - Then pain pill addiction - suboxone for the last 4 years - was not forthright with my doctor or the endocrinologist she sent me to - have many of the symptoms of low T but the biggest problem is lack of energy and zero sex drive - blood work - insurance coverage - and all. Well, as you must be knowing that the Pharmacy anywhere in the world would not give you prescription medicines, hence you need a valid prescription. Secondly, the most important part of any diagnosis is clinical evaluation, physical examination, tests of blood and related problems for which you have to have a person-to-person meeting with the Doctor. It will depend upon the country you are residing/roaming around/convenience of your coordination. May I please know the details so that some arrangements can be done for you to get a consultation, getting tests done and simply starting the treatment. In the meantime you can try for the nearest Urologist which can also help you in this regard and I hope they are more easily available than the Endocrinologists. As time permits, I recommend that you see a Doctor which is much more important. Hope this helps you. Awaiting your feedback.

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Patient: Thank you for your prompt response. I understand how pharmacies work. I am in no way trying to ask for medication or drugs. Ultimately I think low testosterone is the cause of my problems from prior diagnosis and research I have done. BUT I am obviously not a doctor and a complete physical, blood work, etc in a clinical setting is needed to fully diagnosis and treat. I am hoping this website can help facilitate a consultation so that I can have that opportunity to get checked out. This problem is becoming more and more taxing on my marriage and my job. I know one of the first steps, regardless of which doctor I do see, is to get blood work done. I am hoping to get a doctors order for blood work here?
As far as my location. I live in the United States. Specifically, I live in a small town in Pennsylvania called Greenville.
I will take your advice and contact the nearest Urologists and explain my situation.
Doctor: Thanks for your understanding.

Blood tests recommended:
Blood sugar Fasting and / Post meal
Liver function tests
Thyroid function tests
Blood testosterone
sex hormone binding globulin (SHBG)
prostatic specific antigen (PSA) level.
You may please ask the Laboratory and add on any tests as may be indicated by their personal as per your symptomatology.

Please get all these tests done.

I have written to the office as to how they can help you more in regards finding nearby Specialist and to get an appointment or so.

I am sure you will get a positive response sooner.

Please feel free if anything else I can assist you in any way.

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