I would like to become pregnant…..please help me….

Patient: Dear sir,I am married since one and half year, last six month we are trying for child but result has not come as we expected.My treatment is running, dr. Has rxed registrone for regular periods, despite of taking regular medicines my period is coming after 3 days of last month period date.I have under gone test of AMH plus where my prolactin value is 40.57 ng/ml, TSH is 4.62. Remaining other hormones value are normal.After that dr. Rxed. Thyronorm 12.5 and CBlin 0.5 (cabergoline) (one tab in a week)Please suggest me what I have to do….should I continue with this treatment ?Also suggest me to basic things which I have to take care to become pregnent.Thanks,

Symptoms: Having difficulty to become pregnant

Doctor: Hi,Thanks for the query.I understand your concern.Little bit of irregularity in periods can occur due to many c auses.Prolactin and thyroid hormonal abnormalities can affect the menstruation.As you are taking tablets for these, possibly they will get corrected soon.Three to four days variation in onset of menstruation can be seen, usually menstrual cycle with length of 21 days to 35 days should be considered as normal only.Track your ovulation and plan unprotected intercourse around that period, this will increase the possibility of pregnancy.Please do check the hormonal levels periodically and continue the medicines advised by your doctor.Take care.