I would like to know if I have chance

Patient: I would like to know if I have chance of being pregnantI had sex on the 3rd and 5th April ( my ovulation window) and I had very abnormal 3 day period ( usually 5 days and heavy) staring on the 18th when it was only meant to start on the 23rd April , this ended on the 20th but i have had light pinkish blood for the last 2 days only when I wipeI have had slight cramps as wellCould I be pregnant

Doctor: Hello,Thanks for the query at AsktheDoctor.com.There is a possibility of a pregnancy as you have had a pinkish bl eeding with a history of intercourse during your ovulation window.It is recommended that you consult a gynecologist and get a beta hCG blood test done and follow up with a scan if beta hCG is suggestive of pregnancy.The ultrasound will give a clear diagnosis.Meanwhile do not lift heavy weights and avoid strenous activity. Hot fomentation over abdomen and plenty of water will help in giving relief for the abdominal cramps. If pregnancy test came out negative, the bleeding can be considered as your period.Hope this helped.Regards