I would like to know if there’s any treatment for

Patient: I would like to know if there’s any treatment for inverted penis, I have been married for 10yrs now and I don’t let my wife see me naked nor touch me unless I’m erect. I am embarrassed, also I don’t understand every time I erect sometimes I get 2inches or sometimes I get 4inches sometimes even 5 if I’m lucky how can I fix this problem

Doctor: HI.Thanks for your query.First of all you will have to come out of your thinking shell of ”inverted penis”.Thi s variable length of erected penis is not possible. the penis is either flaccid or erected, there might be a small variation bu not this much from 2 inches to 5 inches.This and your history of being not allowing your wife to see you necked unless you are erected itself indicate that you are basically suffering from pre-conceived wrong notions about sexuality.First of all you have to improve your relation with your wife, have cordial discussions and get involved into all other activities that one normally gets involved before sex (foreplay), during the sex (play) and after sex too. How can you not allow yourself and your wife to be sexually expressive?You both can consult a Sex therapist or counselor ASAP and t get the correct knowledge Do not make this as a taboo.Once you correct this everything will be absolutely OK, I am sure.