I Would like to know the Results of my Scanning Reports

Patient: Hi Doctor,I would like to know the below scanning result means, Please help us to know the medical terminology to common laymen terms,The results are:a) A well defined intrauterine gestational sac noted with mean sac diameter 12 mm corresponding to 6 weeks 0 days.b) Yolk Sac Seenc) No Fetal Pole NotedD) The cervical OS is ClosedE) Both Ovaries are normal. No Corpus Luteal Cyst NotedF) Adnexa – No MassG) POD – No FluidH) Cervical Length is normal (3.6 cm)IMPRESSION:———–EARLY INTRA UTERINE PREGNANCY OF 6 WEEKS 0 DAYS.While doing the internal scan, little bit bleeding is stick to the instrument. Will cause any problem for pregnancy?