Iam 31 yrs old manmy lipid profile was checked one

Patient: Iam 31 yrs old man…my lipid profile was checked one month back..high level of triglycerides and low hdl dtected..triglycerides was 277 mg/dl..hdl 21 mg / dl..serum cholesterol and ldl was normal..after that I was in strict diet control and doing exercise regularly. .After one month again checked it..but there is no change..My hight…168 cmMy weight 70 kgNot diabetic. .but there is family history of dm..Tft is done..it is normal..my sperm motility is also very low..count normal..no kids because of that..LH and FSH..Normal..Varicocoelectomy is done two yr back..What may be the reason for this high triglycerides. .low hdl..and low sperm motility. .?

Doctor: Welcome to Ask The Doctor.I understand your concern. I am here to help you.You have deranged lipid profile with su ch level of derangement, treatment with a group of drugs called as Statins is warranted.Initially with such a high triglyceride levels we advise for dietary modification and exercise. Since you have been already doing that, with no improvement in your lipid profile, you would require medication.The sperm problem and cholesterol issues are unrelated.You should also get your blood sugar tested in case it has not been done yet.I would advise you to:1.Reduce your weight.2.Avoid Fatty food in diet.3.To consume potato, rice, oil, ghee, sweets, carbonated beverages in moderated amount only.4. Avoid alcohol and smoking in case you do.5. To take a combination of Rosuvastatin and Fenofibrate for 3 months.Get your lipid profile repeated after 3 months and write back to me with reports.This is my best opinion for you.You should discuss my opinion with your doctor.Stay healthy