If I Am Pregnant

Patient: Several weeks ago i went to buy a pregnancy test it was negative then i had go to the hospital for another test it was positive. 3days after i saw some blood there was no pain and nothing ha come off so i went to the clinic they take another test their was blood in my urine it was negative.will the results be acurate if blood was present in my urine.so they take a bloodtest it came back negative.i still have all the simptoms off pregnancy

Doctor: I really understand your concern about your pregnancy tests. I would have liked to know the last day of your menstrual p eriod and the days of your pregnancy tests. Since you had already a positive pregnancy test, I will assume that this was taken at least 2 weeks after loss of menses.According to your report, you had bleeding which make us think of a possible miscarriage. Due to your last blood pregnancy test showing negative results and no presence of menses yet, I will suggest you to take an ultrasound to rule out definitely this. If miscarriage was the definite diagnosis, the symptoms of pregnancy could persist for some weeks, since the hormones need to return to normal levels in a period o more than 4 to 6 weeks. I wish you the best.