If I had a blood test on the 1st of

Patient: If I had a blood test on the 1st of January 2015 and my blood sugar level was 5.6,if i then tested my blood sugar with a glucose monitor in March, with an average reading of 4.8 in the morning and 5.3 after eating.I also tested glucose level after eating 4 chocolate biscuits and received a reading of 6.9, but then tested 45 minutes later and the reading was 5.4.If I had a blood test a few days ago (may 21st) , what are the chances of me being diagnosed with diabetes.

Doctor: Hello,Welcome to ATD. Thank you for the query.The blood sugar levels are less than 6.1 fasting and 7.8 post meal ,this means you are not a diabetic now and chances of being diabetic on 21st of may are very less while the risk of being diabetic in future depends on your age,lifestyle and genetic factors.Hope this helps. Take care.