If I had sex last month with condom and had

Patient: If I had sex last month with condom and had heavy week long period last month, the test was negative. I keep taking a test where you put toothpaste in a cup and pee In it to see if pregnant, it’s always negative. this month it’s four days late but I have the symptoms of tender breasts, backache, and acne.ive also been very constipated and nautious which also happened last month right before period. I do keep stressing about it. Could I be just stressed so it’s late or could I be pregnant?

Doctor: Hello dear,Thanks for trusting us about your health care.I can understand your concern here.The period may be de layed due to pregnancy or it can be due to stress.So do not take any stress and wait for your menses, if you will not resume your period in 4-5 days, then get your pregnancy test done to rule out pregnancy.These symptoms can be due to hormonal changes also.Hope it is useful, feel free to discuss more questions.Good luck.Regards