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If I have an HCV ratio of 002 and a

Patient: If I have an HCV ratio of 0.02 and a nonreactive Hep C result what does that mean.



Doctor: Hello. Welcome to Ask The Doctor. We are here to help you.HCV Ratio of 0.2 and non reactive Hepatitis C test means t hat you are not suffering from Hepatitis C infection.It means you are negative for the hepatitis C infection.However, if there is any significant exposure then the rest needs to be repeated after a period of 3 months as the antibodies which are detected in this test can take time to show up in the test.I hope it helps.If you have any further query, please ask me.Stay Healthy.



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Patient: is 0.02 significant exposure or do you mean just in general if there are situations that are at significant exposure?

Doctor: Hi, 0.02 is the level of antibodies of Hepatitis C in your body. So, that is with in normal limits.
By saying significant exposure i mean to say, that if your doctor is suspecting Hepatitis C strongly in you, because you had any exposure to body fluids or blood of a person suffering from Hepatitis C, then you would require to get a repeat test done after 3 months, otherwise, you would be counted as negative for Hepatitis C, and that is normal like any other individual.
As far as this report is concerned, you are not suffering from Hepatitis C.
Good Luck.

Patient: does the presence of antibodies mean I have been exposed in the past and fought it off?

Doctor: No, not necessarily. These antibody levels are highly insignificant and can be found in normal persons without any exposure.

Patient: I could have been exposed 3 months ago and just got tested last week. Is there a possibility that my results are a false negative and the antibodies are just not high enough yet to be positive?

Doctor: You would require to get a repeat test done after 6 weeks. In rare cases, the tests takes more then 3 months to be positive. However, chances are less but there is no harm in getting the repeat test done.


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