If I’m obese, how come I have such good test results?

Patient: I’m a Canadian. I just got back from my semi-annual checkup and my test results were very good. My blood sugar was 5.2, the hemoglobin sugar was also good, my BP was 118/67, my total cholesterol was 3.4 (ldl 1.6, hdl 1.8). So my doctor has stopped my Metformin and my low-dose ASA, reduced my lisinopril from 20 to 10 mg and left my rosuvastatin at 10 mg. I’m really please with all this. My questons: I’m losing weight slowly and exercising, but I’m still about 70 pounds overweight and my BMI is 37. How can I be obese and still have such good test results? What’s my incentive now to keep on losing weight?

Symptoms: None