If you are taking the pill correctly what are the

Patient: If you are taking the pill correctly what are the chances of getting pregnant? Can you still get your period on the pill if you are pregnant? I have been reading that this can happen so it makes me a little nervous. I have not missed any pills or taken them late so I was just wondering. I did have diarrhea one night about 2.5 hours after I took my pill, but I read it’s really only affected if you have constant diarrhea for 24 hours? Any information would be helpful.

Doctor: Thank you for writing to us.You are extremely unlikely to get pregnant if you have adhered to the recommended pill s chedule. Most physicians agree that out of 100 women using Combination Birth Control Pills, less than 5 women get pregnant with typical use and less than 1 woman get pregnant with perfect use (as per doctor recommended schedule). You are normally unlikely to get periods while on the pills, except in case of a so-called “breakthrough bleeding”. This is normally caused by hormone level changes, especially due to insufficient estrogens. The bleeding is usually light, often referred to as “spotting,” though a few women may experience heavier bleeding. Many women find that the breakthrough bleeding ceases after one or two cycles. Mid-cycle spotting may also occur in case of missed pills, as you may already know. If you are concerned about irregular bleeding pattern, please get in touch with your gynecologist for a detailed discussion on the specific issues that you may be facing.Hope this helps.