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Patient: Ii.am.25 years old i marriefd 7 yrs ago i dont have baby yet we both had no problem now doctor said that growth of my egg is not good what i want to do to make ot growth noal by taking home remedies

Doctor: Hello,Thanks for the query.The growth of an egg that is the ovum is not possible by any home remedy. Consult a gyn ecologist or an infertility specialist for an examination. The doctor can prescribe medications like Ovacare and other supplements to help in a good maturity of the follicle and follow it up with hormonal injections like hCG injections. Also, in case the treatment fails for any reason, donor oocytes can be used to help you conceive and embryo transfer can be done into the uterus by IVF technique.Have a positive approach, wish you an early conception.Hope this helped.Regards