I’m 13 and want to get pregnant

Patient: I am thirteen years old and I am going to have sex with my boyfriend. I really want to get pregnant, but I need another opinion. Yes I realize I’m young but I’m very mature. I just want to know if I should try to or not. Thank you!

Doctor: Motherhood is indeed a wonderful experience but itvis also a huge responsibility not to mention physically as well as em otionally demanding. Despite your emotional maturity, physically your body is still growing. A teenage pregnancy can be very complicated with negative effects on the baby as well as the mother. The complications may range from low blood hemoglobin levels, difficult or obstructed labor, excess bleeding to growth retardation in the baby and higher chance of stillbirths.Despite all these risks if you still choose to want to get pregnant, I would suggest that you and your boyfriend undergo preconception counselling for a more complete discussion on various risks involved. I would highly recommend you discuss your decision with your parent/ guardian or an adult you trust before taking any major life changing step.

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Guest: Don’t be stupid little girl! You might think you’re ready but trust me having a baby is not a walk in the park! You also have a higher chance of something going VERY wrong at your age. 13 year olds shouldn’t even be having sex!